Stepping to High School

This article emphasizes the importance of the first 3 months of psychological changes in children in high school. Among the key issues highlighted was the change of students who did not have the wrongdoing in primary school and had a good personality at home but truancy and changed because they could not adapt to high school.

This is because they saddened over being separated from their good friends, different classes with primary school best friends, unable to adapt to their classmates' friends among the issues raised by form one students during counseling sessions. A variety of subjects have to be faced by parents such as students refusing to attend school so parents need to be accompanied as soon as they walk to the fence of the school to the front of the classroom and are invited back from school, students are reluctant to go to class and move away without direction. Some were sent by parents to school but afterwards they turned in the other direction and did not go to school. Absence is detected when class teachers call their parents. There is also a student case protesting to parents for sending her to a place she does not like. In extreme cases, students will only cry because they are not willing to part with old school friends, especially if he is only from the junior high school friend in the school.

The Form 1 student went to school at the afternoon session at 1.10pm. Working parents are asked to monitor their child attend school every day and monitor once in a day to their home-to-school movement at 5 hours of their child's home in the morning. This is because most of the social problems of students are due to the leisure time as students walk to school or take buses and parents are unaware that the child is reducing to the cyber cafe or the appetite field to relax, smoke or chat with friends especially from another school. This is because in elementary school hours they are quite busy because they attend religious schools. So when they go up to high school they are quite surprised at the short time of schooling. So it was time shared with friends and out of the house to go to school too early. For children who are too tired to be out of play with friends, this is the time to wait. This is because the pocket money of high school students is increasing. Usually parents also put their trust in their children because they believe their children have grown up and can take care of themselves.

The first 3 months of emotional and psychological changes need to be addressed well because if not the student is left with disciplinary problems. For the parents, do not be too insistent with the child when the child undergoes this adjustment process and consult the counseling teacher for the next session. This is because every year there is a case involving the problem of a form 1 student who needs to adapt to the changes in secondary schools.

For students who have been involved with disciplinary problems from primary schools, parents can work together by naming their children to be monitored directly by counseling teachers as early as the first week of schooling.
With the strengths of three counseling teachers, we are conducting preventative, developmental and rehabilitation activities for students who need volunteer counseling or are referred by parents.