9 Preparation Tips Before Stepping into the University

Congratulations! You have successfully admitted to the University. Remember, how do you feel when you get a UPU result?Congratulations to SPM 2017 students who have successfully offered their studies to either matriculation, as well as diploma. Counting the rest of the day and remembering the ones that will leave the family, the heart will be no jolt. Between happy, impatient and nervous, how we face the phases of our most important life. A phase where we are going to a stage in the life we call as a student. Dear students, how will you prepare? Here we will share 10 tips for you to step into the next phase of life!


Get information about transportation to return home, especially for those who are away from their families for the first time.For those who will be returning to the East Coast and North of the country, you might want to buy an early ticket to return home as the ticket is usually fully booked really fast. For students who will cross the South China Sea, either from the Borneo Islands to the Peninsula or otherwise, can check how to book a plane ticket. However, it is normal for Sabah and Sarawak students who are in Peninsular to rarely go home unless on long semester breaks. Do not be sad because this is the opportunity to experience the unique culture of Malaysia.


Check where applicable for postage purposes. There is usually a new student who left behind important documents or related items that need to be given during registration or throughout the orientation week. Therefore, it is good to be prepared with basic information such as a post office near and the address of a residential college or dormitory to receive the posted item.


Among the fun moments when looking at the behavior of newly enrolled students is when their behavior carry the necessity of being brought home to the dormitory. For convenience, there is no need to carry too much stuff because normally hostels or dormitories in a matriculation or residential college should have a shop to purchase essential items. Parents are usually worried when they are away from their children. Hence, it will provide all sorts of supplies and food so that the child does not starve or miss the mother's diet.


During orientation, students will usually be taken to visit the campus area and recognize important places for the convenience of various affairs. After the orientation is over, may invite newly-class classmates to visit the faculty or to know the lecture area. Sometimes, there is a lecture table placed on the notice board in the faculty area. Do not forget to take pictures and share them with your classmates schedule.  If the faculty location is far from residential college, try to ride the vehicle provided by the university. At least you do not have to worry about when the first day of college begins.


Once you've got a lecture schedule, tutorial, practice in the lab, and so on, try to see where there are empty slots. Plan how you can make the most of your time in participating in the programs organized by your university associations.


Get to know interesting places in campus. Get acquainted with your strengths, an atmosphere of how that contributes to a conducive atmosphere for your learning style. If you like a quiet, peaceful and peaceful atmosphere like in a library, then university and matriculation library facilities are complete and comfortable. Take advantage of the facilities provided so the fees you pay each semester are worth it. Explore other facilities such as sports facilities, Islamic center facilities and other facilities to help you become excellent students.


Do not forget that you are required to take the MUET exam. Depending on where you are studying. If no special classes are available for MUET, then you need to find your own alternative to study. MUET exams can be taken early. The earliest habit is that of the July session. The advantage of taking MUET early is that you can re-examine the MUET examination if you have not got a satisfactory band.


These tips are important. As a pre-graduate student, we need to learn to build self confidence while doing presentations. You can build self confidence by making yourself active, productive, brave and rewarding.


Financial tips. For matriculation and basic students, you do not need to worry because you will be given an allowance every semester. Take advantage of these allowances to manage daily expenses and to purchase reference books and other learning needs. But, before getting the allowance, save your own money or money provided by your parents. Remember, even though our parents can give us money every month, learn the fundamental techniques of managing and saving money.

For both diploma and graduate students, check the procedures on PTPTN applications and other educational assistance along with important dates for submitting applications. During the orientation week, it may be a briefing on finance. So you can ask questions and understand things to be easy. Know the rights of a student like zakat students, financial aid and so on. You can apply for yourself through their respective zakat centers.
It's not wrong to learn how to add pocket money by planning a part-time business.
Hopefully, 9 tips to study before stepping into the university and this matriculation will benefit you who will start a new step! Successful people, they have high dreams and ambitions. In managing the dreams we have created, we need to determine the priorities in life.