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MyCompass provides a comprehensive suite of resources that can guide you through every step of discovering your potential and preparing for college, ensuring that confusion and frustration are no longer a hindrance to your success.

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80% High school, vocational high school and student students succeeded in discovering their potential.

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The story behind MyCompass

You have strong aspirations and ambitions for your future, but are confused and not sure on how to achieve these goals. MyCompass helps you to be able to design your own future. Realizing the reasons for each choice and the steps taken in an effort to achieve your goals can make you more confident and motivated to pursue your future.

Using Mark Savickas's life-design approach and supported by psychological research, MyCompass's team of psychologists develops the Self Discovery and Life Design modules to help you get comprehensive information about yourself, your interests and get professional recommendations and courses that are most suitable for you. With more than 700 professions, 300 majors and 500 campuses, MyCompass is the most complete reference for you in designing your future.

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