The Importance of Learning New Language. What You Need to Know

The famous Nelson Mandela once said,

"If you speak in an easy-to-understand language, men will quickly understand and go straight to the head. If your conversation has its own language, then it goes to his heart. "

In that regard, Mandela reveals the most important reason when we learn a new language. When learning a new language we can cultivate respect for others and can appreciate the culture and heritage of other nations.

If you go to French and speak English, some people may understand. If you go to France and try to speak French, they will be excited to see you appreciate their language adequately.

You will be appreciated just for language only.

These are among  The Importance of Learning New Language What You Need to Know :

1) Give you a better job opportunity

The usual conditions for potential candidates are now at least proficient in two or more languages. If you can master more than two languages, your employer will see you have the potential to go further. In addition, when you learn a new language, your employer believes you can help them connect with "client" in overseas business with the second language you retire and learn. Almost all businesses from small or bigger to benefit from employees speaking more than two languages ​​and also giving them the advantage of being competitive with employees or other applicants.

2) Can improve your language cognitive performance

The researchers found that a bilingual speaks one language, others are active at the same time. Their brains rely on executive functions, such as attention and inhibition. Bilingual people use this mechanism when they talk or hear. No matter what language you are learning, it can improve your language cognition and the brain will work better in one thing.

3) Can relate to residents from other cultures

Nelson Mandela proves that learning a new language and speaking other languages ​​can narrow the gap between you and someone from different cultures. Not only to ask for a road or destination when you are abroad, this is because you can also create a "small talk" and build friendship with them. Why do you need to connect with people who speak different languages? The reason is that you will begin to understand which culture can help you become more open, tolerant, and more knowledgeable.

4. Can improve your "self-control"

When you learn a new language and speak a new language, automatically your self-control can be improved better. A study also shows that bilingual people are better at making financial decisions. Overall, you begin to think more rationally when you start learning the second language.

5) Can better understand their own culture

Yes! When you learn new languages ​​and new cultures, you can also learn more languages ​​than your language. With this, you get a touch on your own culture as well as other cultures.
For example our regular breakfast in Malaysia is usually nasi lemak, roti canai and hot drinks. In addition to American culture, their breakfast is usually like cereals, scramble eggs and bacon.When you see something weird or strange in other cultures, you should be aware that your culture is also unique in their eyes. With this, you begin to appreciate your own country's heritage more deeply. To learn the language of an outsider may be one of the big challenges, but if you know your own language well, learning a new language will be easier.
Additionally, it can broaden your thinking and views and even get a lot of new opportunities to explore.