How to Build Self Confidence to Higher Levels

Self confidence. Indeed it is something that needs to be developed against yourself, especially in the course of a career in today's increasingly challenging world.

If you see someone who has high confidence in themselves, this individual is easy to communicate.

But it is not a magical property that can be present in yourself suddenly. It comes through the life-cycle phases that will help a person to gain a high degree of self-esteem.

Micheal Edwards, known as Eddie "The Eagle" is a British Skier who at first nobody believes in his ability to be the champion of the Ski World!

Eddie is overweight, nearsighted, has no money, no coaches, no equipment and no English team has ever competed in the event.

Driven solely by determination, drinking and eating from trash cans and ever admitted in a Finnish mental hospital.
It's not an easy thing, but look now, he's been an icon, a figure and a symbol of passion for the Olympics.

You must be wondering where this high self-esteem spirit can come to her.

If Self Confidence is not Naturally come, From Which Will It Come?

If Eddie's story is being used as a benchmark to see the hardships and troubles that have been traversed. Is it an easy thing to gain confidence in participating in such prestigious Sports such as the Olympics?
It's a difficult thing, but it's not impossible for Eddie.

1. Confidence Comes When You Have Overcome a Challenge

Have you noticed, every time a challenge we have overcome, we will feel a feeling that, "it feels good" and "full of satisfaction"? This feeling of satisfaction will increase your level of confidence. Perhaps you have an unhealthy lifestyle and lose weight, and exercise and diet is a difficult thing for you. Maybe you are a shy person. Speaking in front of a large audience will be something that is very difficult for you.

Or maybe you're a "perfectionist" too, doing something wrong is something that is very hard for you to accept.

Regardless of the difficult things you are experiencing, you will feel proud, strong, and confident in your abilities when you have overcome the obstacles.

The confidence you feel now is the confidence that you should feel it at all times, you have earned it before and it will be easier to remain in you.

2. Confidence Comes to Doubt And Criticism

It is indeed a difficult thing to accept. You will feel a feeling of disappointment and despair. You will go through phase of failure because every success will go through some mandatory failure before it is fully achieved.

You will receive criticism as indeed every thing at the beginning of the beginning is not perfect and far enough to give satisfaction to all parties equally.
But with the criticisms and doubts of these people, you have to make them as a matter of need for success to yourself. Of these criticisms will make you a better person.
When you force yourself to get out of the comfort zone and try to feel the tough things as a form of challenge to goodness, this will indirectly boost your self-esteem.

You must say, "This is not something easy to go through".
I do not deny that, it is very challenging! It is not named as a challenge if you can still sit comfortably today.

There is one quote from Churchill saying:

"If you are going through hell, keep going"

This means here, however, the level of difficulty and the challenges you are going through. Keep the spirit and keep going!
Your self-esteem will build even further as you go through many challenges and have overcome it.

You will remain an individual who is always confident, provided you do not avoid any challenges.
If you refuse to face the challenge, you will never be able to develop self-esteem, this "Fear of Failure" will dominate you and make you more difficult to achieve success.